Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Role of Librarianship!

What is the role of Librarianship? To provide great customer service to all patrons who utilize the libraries resources and to continue to provide this great customer service, librarians must stay abreast to the informational and technological advancement, which is developing at a rapid pace. How can this be accomplished, when most master degree programs do not offer, in their curriculum, an instructional course on how to teach user’s to LIS students. I read an article in the American Libraries magazine, June/July 2009 issue: Teaching How to Teach. The author Russell A. Hall voiced his opinion of how LIS programs should make “user instruction” a core course for its graduate requirement. Hall stated, “We need to provide patrons with the answer they need, context for that answered, and the ability to apply what they’ve learned in the future”. He felt this was not just for academic librarians; “public librarians should be well aware of the differences not only in the learning styles of their patrons, but also the processes by which different user groups…” Since user’s of all ages utilizes the library resources for the process of fulfilling their life-long learner needs, I would agree with Hall. How can librarians and staff alike, provide a service if they are not taught how to use the resources provided. Hall also stated “teaching librarians how to teach is something that should no longer be ignored in the LIS curriculum and information literacy is the future, if not present, of public services. The role of librarianship is changing everyday, from searching for information for patrons to teaching how to use the new technology available.

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